Proyectos acelerados 2020-2021

Error-free document automation and process digitization platform or software
The first app in Spain that improves the coexistence of separated families for the tranquility and well-being of the children.

THIRD CALL 2018 - 2019

Awarded Project 2018 - 2019

Develop Logical Security Solutions and Certification of Information in Blockchain (digital identity, file certification, digital …

Accelerated Projects 2018 - 2019

Medical-technological company that offers medical services through a team of specialists that rely on technology (telemedicine) …

It is defined as the solution of micro-savings and micro-investment for the masses in order to achieve your dreams, through a …

With this platform it is very easy to find different professionals that perform household tasks in minutes …

Application Web that works as a financial advisor that allows millennials to learn how to manage their money.

SECOND CALL 2017 - 2018

Awarded Project 2017 - 2018

Wolly is an app where you can find the best professionals for your home

Accelerated Projects 2017 - 2018


Bdeo is a Spanish startup solution that provides geo-located video calls to help with the management of accidents at home or on the road.


Cobertoo is the first community where members insure themselves through the sharing and pooling of risks outside the traditional means of insurance…


Difense offers a protection package for the Digital Identity of any individual or legal entity. Based on a patented algorithm, it uses a variety of different metrics to Twitter ….


Familiados is a platform that provides caregivers to those in need. The idea is that whenever you need assistance in providing care and looking after someone, you can get it …

FIRTS CALL 2017 - 2018

Awarded Projects 2016-2017


Warning system through an APP that utilizes GPS, Video and Audio. This APP allows you to send an alert to pre-determined group members.


It offers services based on the use of orthoxenografts®, a process in which mice are implanted with a piece of a human tumor. It is inserted in the same organ as it’s origin in order …


Online platform that provides recommendations for interations and searches for target profiles to increase your visibility.


Online financial advisor in Risk, Savings, Investment and Retirement. Based on your family, work and financial situation, you receive a detailed plan in only a few minutes.

Accelerated Projects 2016-2017

It is a company aimed at facilitating the independence of the elderly who want to continue living at home …


Chatbots and Artificial intelligence for insurance sales, advice and customer service. An insurtech company that offers insurance and financial companies an Artificial Intelligence …


Online collaborative insurance platform, which generates trust groups, to identify responsible customers with low or nil claims that are rewarded with the …


The software simplifies the interface of any smartphone making it easier to use. The app allows you to locate the user and receive notifications in case they need help, allowing families …

Wake App Health

Mobile solution to promote the change of health insurers to health care providers while improving aspects of health and providing information in a more personalized …

Sense Water Foil

This is an exploded view project based on technology from the company Plactherm. It provides water leakage detection through flexible foil connected to IoT and a solenoid valve.

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