Acceleration methodology

In the Santalucía Impulsa program for startups, we train the promotion teams to improve their competitiveness, test their product or service with a new segment of clients and accelerate the growth or scale of their projects.

With their mentors and their specific training programme, you can co-create and develop an ad-hoc proof of concept for the Santalucía Group and the possibility of establishing an alliance through a collaboration or investment agreement.

A widely proven acceleration methodology that comprises four blocks or pillars of action:


  • Compliance with milestones, continuous advice and face-to-face or video call sessions depending on the circumstances of each team.
  • Mentoring and individual follow-up by experts in innovation, entrepreneurship, business and Insurtech.


  • Meetings with key people from the Santalucia Group to explore possible ways of collaboration.
  • Opportunity to establish alliances with the Santalucía Group i.e. metrics, pilots, projects and agreements


  • Access to new environments and networks of professionals such as business angels, institutions and their investment portfolios.
  • Possible financing from Santalucía, previous valuation and agreement between the parties

Value-Added Services

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