Funeral and Deathtech

Confident that we are living

As you know, the Santalucía Group has been during the last 100 years a company that has taken care of thousands of families, helping, among other things, in the anticipation and management of the death of loved ones thanks to the companies of the Group, Albia and Iris Global, in the provision of services and in accompanying the segment of the elderly or seniors through their Ballesol residences to improve their quality of life.

Search for solutions or new value propositions to reinvent funeral insurance by improving service delivery, customer experience and process efficiency, always with a focus on digital transformation.

After COVID-19, new trends in death have emerged, as we can see in the Santalucía Report on Trends and Innovation in Funeral Insurance and Funeral Services, due to the cultural change that is taking place around the world. The pandemic has led us to new ways of saying goodbye after death and to naturalise and break with a taboo subject such as death. 

The Santalucía Group, a leading company in funeral insurance and end-of-life support, seeks to improve and add value in the design of this type of product in order to attract new customer segments of all cultures and generations:


Z Generation

Silver Economy

Baby Boomers

X Generation

New Generation

Revolutionizing the insurance industry and funeral services

Funeral and Deathtech

Aim of the challenge

We work to listen to our customers and their families, detecting and solving new consumer problems.

This challenge aims to find new solutions (products, services, processes or strategic alliances) that respond to the new needs of society in its relationship model with death throughout life.

Funeral and Deathtech

Categories and Scope of application

New value propositions

Emerging Technologies Deathtech and Digitalization

Funeral insurance and services

Investment and Savings

Home Ecosystem


Physical and emotional well-being

Leisure and Social Connectors

Final Rest and Burial

Family grief management

Memory and legacy


Funeral Rite


Retention and bonding

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