Project criteria

Projects that have a Minimum Viable Product and can establish synergies or alliances with Santalucía will be selected. The Santalucía IMPULSA Programme will select those initiatives with clear possibilities for growth and scalability. Products and/or services that provide new approaches, new business models and a differentiating value in the market. The santalucía IMPULSA Programme is intended for projects with no more than 5 years of incorporation, thus maintaining the objectives of santalucía in the commitment to new companies and newly created projects. It is important that there is an enthusiastic team to carry out your project and can and wants to take advantage of the opportunities that the Santalucía Program IMPULSA can offer you.

No. One of the main objectives of the santalucía IMPULSA Programme is to support the launch of new ideas and projects by validating the business model prior to the incorportation of the company.

Only the projects that have a Minimum Viable Product will be admitted. The santalucía IMPULSA Programme is intended for projects with no more than 5 years of incorporation, thus maintaining the objectives of santalucía in the commitment to new companies and newly created projects.

Criteria of the participants

No, application to the programme is completely free of charge.

No, we accept projects from both individuals and teams. If you are successfully chosen to become a participant then during acceleration process you can work on getting to know which people will bring the best out of your project and selecting the right team for the launch.

No, only one project can be admitted by each entreprenuer.

Entrepreneurs of any nationality are welcome to apply, the only stipulation is that you have to be registered as having your legal residence in Spain.

No, to be eligble to participate you must be of legal age and have full capacity to act. Don’t worry we will look forward to seeing your application next year.

Of course, there is no maximum age limit to apply to the programme. 

No, it is not necessary to have the company incorporated to participate.

 No, it is not required that you have prior connections with santalucía.
Participation and selection process

The first edition of the Programme accepts registrations from Monday, September 25th, 2017 (date of the programme’s launch) until Sunday, December 17th, 2017 at 23:59 (Deadline for applicants). Check the schedule.

Yes. It is necessary that you include a business plan even if isn’t the final version. You need to analyse a market niche and the problem that you are going to solve. Including a business plan can help you explain this to us and, if your application is successful, can be worked on in the future during the acceleration process.

To be considered for evaluation projects must be submitted in Spanish.

All submitted projects will be formally evaluated to confirm that the submission requirements are met. A committee of experts, pooled from Santalucía professionals and external technical personnel, will conduct a second evaluation from which 10 finalists will be selected based on how well they fit the criteria of the Programme. Information about the final Projects selected will be made public on the Programme’s website, and each of the finalists will be notified by email. The 10 finalists will participate in a presentation day, where they will present their projects to a jury of entrepreneurship and innovation experts. As a result of this evaluation phase at least 4 winning projects will be selected to participate in the Acceleration Phase. The 4 finalist projects must accept the conditions of the programme before being considered participants. Finally they will enjoy the benefits of the Santalucía IMPULSA acceleration programme for approximately 4-5 months before presenting their project to investors on DEMODAY.

Criteria regarding creativity and innovation


  • Advances in technological development and the possibility of application to insurance activity or other complementary activities in a general sense.
  • The degree of innovation and differentiation with respect to competition


Criteria regarding the entrepreneur team

  • Clear indication of successful business capabilities and competency
  • Team background
  • Interpersonal skills to help cultivate a network of contacts
  • Knowledge of the industry and/or the scope of the project
  • Commitment and dedication of all the team

Business criteria

  • Expected return, additional investment and risk analysis
  • Commercialisation
  • Economical and social impact of the project
  • International projection

Yes, the group activities are designed to advance the growth of the participating projects. Non-participation may lead to expulsion from the Santalucía IMPULSA Programme due to a perceived lack of interest.

After a pre and post evaluation of the finalist projects, santalucía will contemplate the possibility of investing. There is no obligation in this regard and, will in any case, be subject to an agreement between the two parties.

No, santalucía does not require participation from companies of the projects that will be accelerated within the framework of the santalucía IMPULSA Programme.


If you’re still looking for more information regarding the programme, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help.

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